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Linux for Chess Part 2 - Debian 11 customization

Updated: Jan 20

In this part of the course, we will prepare Debian 11 for comfortable install and use to work with modern chess software.

Like the first part of this series, this part is also designed more for beginners. All information will be presented in sufficient detail so that anyone who has already installed Debian 11 can successfully prepare and customize the system to suit their needs.

All operations described below - are optional. If you are interested, I suggest you read about them first, and then decide whether to use them.

Let's start with...


1. Additional respositories.

Debian by default has access to a huge base of software of all kinds. However, sometimes it can be useful to have even better drivers e.g. directly from the video card manufacturer (proprietary drivers), codecs, fonts and much more.

Once logged in, click on the Activities button that is at the top left of the screen.

As in this case - if needed - buttons and places will be marked with a red border.

Then click on the Show Applications icon.

Select and click the middle program icon with the short name: Software & Upd...

Under the Debian Software tab we should select the two options shown in the picture below.

After selecting the first option, a window will appear asking you to authorize this change. After entering the password for your account (in my case I entered the password for my chessengeria account) and clicking the Authenticate button, the system will allow you to check the options.

After making changes, click Close.

Now click on the Reload button to have the changes made immediately using your internet connection.

Good. An information window will appear and disappear shortly (depending on the speed of your internet connection).